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Empowering parents & kids!

Occupational Therapy is about enjoying the "job of living" to its fullest - everyday! As an OT, I specialize in a few areas :

Scar Release Treatment

Child Primitive Reflexes

Handwriting / Coordination

Emotional Regulation strategies 

RV/bus home assessment consultations (for safety, functionality, etc)


Our services

Taking care of you with 15 years of experience.

  • Scar Release Treatment

  • Could a scar (however tiny, however old) be a piece to the puzzle holding you back? Providing in-person treatment for children and adults. Scars of all kinds and all ages can disrupt the body's circulation, nerve pathways, signals, and energy flow, causing a variety of issues including pain, organ dysfunction, tingling, tightness, numbness. Click to learn more!

  • Pediatric Reflex Integration

  • Like commonly known reflexes, Primitive Reflexes are involuntary - the body automatically responds to a 'trigger'. Primitive Reflexes however should be integrated at a young age and when they don't, they cause a host of developmental delays - click to learn more about this fascinating phenomenon

  • RV & Bus & Home assessment Consultation

  • From tiny spaces, to large open areas that need functional tools and solutions to support sensory needs, safety, and other considerations - ditch the time-consuming scrolling & confusion and let us assist with designing a functional, practical and aesthetic space for not just your little one, but the whole family.

  • Pediatric Consultation / Courses

  • Courses developed with the practical tips and strategies that I have seen work for families over my years of treating. Learn at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home, car, or while traveling. Need a little extra support? We have consultation packages that fit any budget and schedule! 

    I'm excited to work together!

    Krystle Lopez, MScOTR/L 

    Occupational Therapist, 

    Consultant, Adjunct Professor

    The very best part of being a pediatric therapist is seeing the smiles & weight lifted that happens when a child and his or her community feel like they’ve reached a new level of ability and peace!

    An OT for 15 years, I’ve always had a special love for connecting with families by learning personal interests and goals and empowering families to incorporate workable solutions via meaningful activities based on routines, goals and interests.

    I specialize in primitive reflexes, sensory integration, handwriting, emotional awareness/regulation, toilet training, and coordination and see kids of all ages.

    I am a certified provider of Reflex Integration Through Play™️, a fun, easy-to-use method to address retained primitive reflexes in a functionally-focused way.

    In addition to helping kiddos, my approach includes a specific and tailored plan for parents to guide and empower you with the tools needed for success. I love also collaborating with caregivers, teachers, coaches, and/or other service providers your child may have in his or her life. If we sound like a great fit I’d be honored to help you!

    My team and I are excited to serve you!


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