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Have a Scar?

Wound or injury has healed?

Think you're done once the bandage is off & scab is healed?

Think again! Scar tissue can actually grow inside the body, like a vine, attaching to bony structures and surrounding organs, pulling you out of alignment, creating tight fascia, and compromising the function of your body systems. 

Think of a piece of fabric: you cannot see through it, but under a microscope you can see spaces between the fibers of the fabric. Picture blood vessels and nerves passing through those spaces. Now, what happens to the open spaces if you stretch the piece of fabric? What if you also twist it while you stretch it? Those spaces are gone and now the blood vessels & nerves are now compressed, causing pain and circulation problems.


What's the big deal?

Scars are our body's way of healing its tissue after a trauma. While this starts out as a good thing, scar tissue can negatively impact the body. Scars cause stress on the body and can make it go into a state of sympathetic upregulation (you may be familiar with "fight, flight or freeze"); our bodies are not designed to remain in this state for long periods of time. 

  • chronic pain

  • impede circulation

  • activate stress

  • grow adhesions

  • block energy flow

  • activate trigger points

  • injure fascia

  • impede lymph flow

  • What is Scar Release Therapy?

    Scar Release Therapy (SRT) via the MPS method : 

    MPS (Micro point stimulation) uses a low frequency direct current that is concentrated to specific areas. When the body is in stress, it cannot heal. 

    The brief microcurrent acts to:

    • * break up scar tissue  
    • * "repolarize" local tissue
    • * release fascia and muscles influenced by the scar
    • * release endorphins, the body's natural painkillers
    • * bring the body from state of sympathetic upregulation, to a state of parasympathetic regulation.  


    Taking care of you with 12 years of experience.

  • Small Scar Release Treatment

  • For scars 6 inches or less in length or diameter.
    3 session package- $ 337

  • Ultimate Scar Release Treatment

  • For scars larger than 6 inches in length or diameter. This session will cover one region of the body.  (Each additional region will require customized package) 
    3 session package - $675

  • Mobile Come-to-You Services

  • Available in some areas, upon request.
    Please add $1 for each mile of travel

  • Consultation

  • Have you had a session with me before and ready to get your own units to take care of yourself and / or a family member?
    I will teach you specific points to take note of as you care for your scar(s). 

    Pricing custom; discount available by purchasing units through this page.


    • You have an old scar (whether it bothers you or not)

    • You have a new scar or a wound that needs to heal

    • You experience one or more at the scar site: pain, numbness, itching, tingling, sensitivity, pulling

    • Your scar is raised or pitted, thick or discolored (red, purple, pale white)

    • Your scar(s) seems fine but you deal with pain, numbness or poor circulation somewhere else in your body and are wondering if your scar could be related 

    • A scar from surgery, injury such a wound, sprain or muscle tear, or even a fall (inner scarring can occur even if no marks on the outer layer of skin) 

    • You have a tattoo or piercing area (also considered scars!)  


    • Someone looking for aesthetic improvements only (i.e. acne scars, varicose veins, etc).   Although visual improvements are often a result of this treatment, it is not the primary goal.

    • pregnancy, pacemakers, cancer are contraindicated to treatment. Do you fall into this category and have questions? Reach out to me!

    C section & other Abdominal Scars

    C sections and other abdominal scars cause internal adhesions, which can lead to a long list of secondary issues, some including:

    digestive problems

    chronic abdominal pain

    irregular bowel movements

    poor or compromised circulation

    endometriosis flares

    and even back pain. 

    These adhesions also and block the natural energy flows of the body. Long horizontal scars are especially detrimental to maintaining healthy polarity of the body, as one side of the body is electrically cut off from the other. 

    Interestingly, these scars can even negatively impact skeletal alignment such as knee, hip, neck, and other spinal alignments because the scar tissue attaches itself to spinal structures, and often negatively impacts the psoas muscle (which is connects the lower spine to the femur through the pelvis, and is responsible for allowing movement and stabilization of the pelvis for activities such as walking, sitting up, and rotating your legs.

    Let's get you feeling better!! 

    Laprascopic procedures:

    Tiny scars on the outside; a mess of adhesions on the inside

    The probes used during laparoscopic procedures cause invisible damage throughout areas of the abdomen. Before Scar Release Therapy, this woman reported 6/10 pain when her scar was touched (including by her clothing) and said that it felt like it was "always pulling and stuck." 

    After treatment, she reported 0/10 pain as well as feeling significantly reduced pulling and tightness. Her scar was no longer sensitive to touch, and felt loose with the skin moving freely.  

    Continued healing after life saving surgeries

    This sweet child underwent multiple abdominal surgeries including g-tube (feeding tube) placement. His scars developed into adhesions that felt deep and tight when examined. Over multiple treatments, the skin changed dramatically including:

  • purple/red skin changed to pink

  • deep and "ropey" areas became more pliable, soft and loose

  • mother reported improved digestion

  • It's nice to meet you!

    Krystle Lopez, MScOTR/L 

    Occupational Therapist

    I'm here to help!

    Personally, I love helping people gain the tools, strategies and knowledge needed to empower themselves to make the decisions that fit best. I love treating scars because a big impact is made in as little as 1 or 2 sessions.

    Formally, I'm a double board certified and licensed occupational therapist with over 15 years experience. I've treated adults and children within the US and Canada in clinics, homes, schools, and online. I've invested over 100 formal course training hours and hundreds more hours refining my skills in practice. 

    I was first trained in Scar Release Therapy using the MPS units in 2012 and have since seen the treatment be positively life changing in small and huge ways for so many people! It lights me up to see barriers broken down, and people enjoying a more functional life. 


    Ready to bring more function into your life? 

    Book your free consultation online.


    Your Questions Answered

    Will it hurt?

    Typically the treatment does not hurt, however some individuals can feel the current traveling through the skin in tender or hyper sensitive areas. This can sometimes feel like tingling, a hot needle, or a bee sting. What you will feel depends on your scar and your own pain tolerance. 

    How many sessions will I need?

    This will depend on the size, severity and type of your scar, as well as your own goals (are you looking to reduce pain/increase circulation/decrease numbness/etc just enough to notice a difference, or as much as we can possibly achieve together?).  Multiple sessions are recommended for thick, large, deep, keloid, old, and complex scarring (i.e. C-sections and multiple surgeries at one scar site).

    How long will it take to see results?

    Every scar is different and without surgery, it is impossible to tell the degree of adhesions (and exploratory surgery just causes more scar tissue!), so it is difficult to predict results (type and timeframe). Most clients report improvements of some kind after just the first session.

    I have a really old scar so it's probably fine, right?

    Because scar tissue can continue to grow like a vine throughout the body, sometimes the oldest scars are the worst culprit! And you may not even notice. Often the area of pain or dysfunction is not the same body area of a scar that needs releasing.  As an example, an adult tennis player regained his shoulder range of motion after his ankle scar was released - a scar he got as a child!

    How is this different from a TENS unit?

    TENS units use alternating current (AC) at around 100 HZ, while MPS units used for Scar Release Therapy produce direct current (DC) at 2.5HZ. DC microcurrent produced by the units is a steady low amplitude that remains the same voltage, at a level that is close to the electrical level of the body's cells, which helps them heal since it mimics the body's nervous system. In contrast, the back and forth flow of AC can actually be damaging.

    I'm not in your area, can you still help me?

    Absolutely! There are options for you, reach out to me and I'm happy to share. 


    Questions? Reach out via email:  [email protected]